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April 1930 Opening of Hattori mine. Start of mining operations for Hattori pottery stone.
July 1935 Construction of a Tamamura-style cableway for the transport of pottery stone; start of mechanization to increase production and improve transportation.
February 1944 Establishment and incorporation of Hattori Kogyo Co. Ltd.
March 1961 Opening of Hiraki Mine in Yashiro-cho, Kato-gun, Hyogo Prefecture. Start of Hiraki Kaolinite mining operations.
October 1963 Opening of Ina Mine in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture. Start of Hydrous Halloysite mining operations.
March 1966 Start of production of clay for paper manufacturing at Ina Factory.
March 1967 Transfer of Head Office / Sales Department to Nagoya City and start of operations.
August 1970 Construction and start of operations of a new production plant for the manufacture of clay for glass fiber at Hiraki Mine. Start of surveying and importing of overseas resources.
April 1980 Start of Perlite mining operations at Mikata Mine in Hyogo Prefecture. Start of Expanded Perlite production at Hiraki Mine.
April 1990 Start of Expanded Vermiculite production at Hiraki Mine.
October 1991 Change of company name to Hattori Company, Ltd.
December 1991 Closure of Ina Mine.
November 1995 Participation in a joint venture in Malaysia. Start of ground Feldspar and Dolomite production.
October 1996 Opening of the Kisosaki Factory in Mie Prefecture, and transfer of the Sales Department here also. Transfer and start of operation of refining facilities for Mica Powder and Wollastonite.
November 1997 Construction and start of operation of new production facilities for Expanded Perlite at Kisosaki Factory.
May 1999 Start of production of clay for glass fiber at SM(M) SDN. BHD. in Malaysia.
October 2001 Start of fire retardant (natural magnesium hydroxide) production at Hiraki Mine.
November 2001 Termination of pottery stone mining operations at Hattori Mine.
March 2004 Extension of ground Brucite production facilities and start of ground Brucite production at Hattori Factory.
December 2006 Testing room and the third warehouse building are increased in the Kisosaki office.
December 2009 The Malaysian joint corporation is transformed into wholly-owned subsidiary, and a company name is changed into HATTORI MINERALS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD.

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