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HATTORI's Technology

Exploration and Mining

Seeking out resources that lie hidden underground.

Mineral resources play an extremely important role in the maintenance of social infrastructure and in the manufacture of a range of different products. At Hattori, our exploration specialists work tirelessly on geological surveys and prospecting assignments both within Japan and overseas, so as to guarantee a reliable supply of these important resources. This work includes finding out where, in what condition and quality, and in what amount these minerals lie. Discovering new ore deposits is by no means an easy task in terms of time and money. However using our years of accumulated technology and experience, our aim remains - to find and develop even higher quality resources, as well as to work actively in the research of low-impact mining methods.

Grinding and Calcining

Making valuable resources into even better materials.

Since its establishment, Hattori has progressed along with its natural resources, and by constantly keeping an eye on the changes that time brings, has sought solutions for adding value to minerals. Through grinding or calcining mined minerals, new uses and possibilities have been discovered. This represents not only the development of valuable resources into useful materials, but also the development of our company. Hattori, the company that ‘thinks about resources with an eye for the future’ will continue to work towards new developments with its deep spirit of exploration and its high level of technical expertise in the manufacturing and refining areas.

Outstanding Quality Control and Superior Products

Strict quality control builds trust

The trust that our customers have in us today is not only a result of our superior productivity and technical skill in the survey, development, manufacturing and refining of mineral resources. It is rather that we pride ourselves on the fact that the essence of the Hattori brand is in the strict, post-processing quality control. We believe that Hattori’s eternal mission is to provide our customers with guaranteed quality materials that meet their specific requirements.

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